Netent Slot Football: Champions Cup launched soon

by Lucas on 12 april 2021

Netent has again developed a fantastic slot machine and that comes with the theme exactly when a big event is going to take place, namely the European Football Championship. The Netherlands unfortunately does not participate, but with the launch of the new slot machine, players are offered the opportunity to become a real winner. Football is the theme of this slot machine and especially football matches played between European countries, including Portugal, Germany, Spain, England, Italy and France. Experience the European Championship, but in a very different way and earlier than the tournament starts.

Football: Champions Cup

Footbal: Champions Cup is a slot machine in which football is central and that is reflected in the images of symbols on the reels. They are related to football and vary from a goalkeeper glove to a football emblem and from a football shoe to the whistle of the referee. The symbols are supplemented with letters in various colors and with special symbols, such as wild symbols and bonus symbols. A total of five roles are available, each with three symbols.

Special features

Of course, the game is even more fun because not only winning combinations can be realized that yield profit, but because special features are present. For example, a special wild symbol is active in the form of an overlay wild. This means that it can happen that when a wild symbol appears in the picture, a football or multiple footballs appear in the picture that also function as game. That can then suddenly provide an extra large profit on this nice slot machine.

The nice thing about this game is that there are even more features, such as a free spins mode and a bonus round. The free spins mode starts at the moment that three scatter symbols appear on the screen. The scatter is in this case the champion cup. This mode with free spins is very special because there is a real championship with a waste race. The best teams will continue and come in the quarterfinals and semi-finals to decide the battle during the final.

The bonus round starts at the moment that three bonus symbols are available on the reels. The bonus symbol can be recognized by the inscription’bonus’, where the’o’ is depicted in the form of a football. You think you are a real football player in the bonus game that comes under high pressure during the European Football Championship. It is then the intention to shoot at goal from eleven meters. You can shoot at the bottom left or bottom right, but also try to hit the ball from the penalty spot on the top left or top right of the goal. The goalkeeper of the opposing team of course does everything to kick the penalty kick. If the goalkeeper fails and it becomes a goal, you win a prize. On the 23rd of May the Football Champions Cup will be launched.