Live Blackjack

Playing blackjack in Slot Planet can be done in many different ways. In the first place there is already a choice between online gambling, mobile games or queuing in the live casino where live blackjack is offered. In addition to this choice, there is also the variation of this card game that is available in different forms. Basically, the basic rules are the same, but it is possible that a certain form, for example, offers the possibility to play with an extra high bet, such as high limit blackjack. For example, the regular gaming table in the online casino is the version of European blackjack. In this way, all sorts of player preferences are met.

General game characteristics

The card game has general game characteristics that can be seen in every variation. This concerns, for example, the purpose of the game. That is because the player has to score more points than the dealer. Moreover, the number of 21 points may not be exceeded, because then the player has lost or the dealer if he gets more than 21 points. With online blackjack, there is of course no dealer, but is played virtually against the opponent. That is different in the live casino, because the dealer shares himself with blackjack cards.

Achieving the goal of 21 points lies in the hands of the player and in the hands of fate. It is of course important that good cards are obtained and with the first two shared cards it is already possible to be a winner. If a ten and an ace are dealt, then there is 21 points and the player has blackjack and is paid one and a half times the bet.

The player can always decide on other cards to pass or play, with a card being shared. If the first two cards are the same then the opportunity is offered to split and, as it were, two games are played by the player. First, one card will be dealt with with the choice to fit or play after a card has been dealt and then proceed with the next card. The dealer is always obliged to take cards until a certain number of points is reached and must fit if a certain number of points has been reached.

Play for money

Players who have never played the card game before, have the choice to start gambling in Slot Planet free of charge or immediately. Incidentally, when playing for money there is no great risk to run, because in that case the choice can always be made to select a gaming table with the lowest table limit. Players who bet more often on this card game and are prepared to take a little more risk can select the high limit table to bet on blackjack with a higher bet per game. This is possible both in the online casino and in the live casino with dealer.