Annual salary win in Slotplanet Casino

by Lucas on 12 april 2021

The Slotplanet Casino has again organized a great fun action that lasts until 17 January 2016 and where new and existing players can participate. The special feature of this promotion is that the winner can count on an annual salary up to an amount of no less than 30,000 euros. That is an amount that of course is not thrown into your lap every day, but with this action you do not have to do much about it. If you win the annual salary, you can think of all sorts of fun goals to spend on it. If you want, it is even possible to take a year off to realize another goal in your life. For the annual salary that Slotplanet Casino makes available, you do not have to work in any case. What you have to do is make a deposit of 50 euros or more to receive a ticket.

Lottery annual salary

New players can sign up and participate in the promotion and for existing players it is only a matter of transferring 50 euros to get a chance of winning an annual income with a maximum amount of 30,000 euros. To give everyone the chance to influence the chance of winning as much as possible, multiple lots can be obtained. Every time a player deposits 50 euros or more during the promotional period, a lot is awarded for the draw that will take place after the action has ended.

Who does not want to win a complete annual income? There will be only one real winner, but Slotplanet Casino will also reward a number of other players. With less money, but still with a nice amount of 1,000 euros. In total, in addition to the big winner, ten players are eligible for an amount of 1,000 euros. As has been said, new players who sign up in time for the bigger or smaller prizes are also eligible.

Special actions

Winning a big prize through a lottery is just one of the many special promotions organized by Slotplanet Casino. There are all kinds of promotions and promotions throughout the year, where players can win cash prizes or other prizes. In addition to several special promotions, this online casino also offers a monthly bonus program.

At the beginning of each month an overview with bonuses for the relevant month is presented on the website. For example, everyone can already take certain data into account to make a deposit, for example, and immediately benefit from a bonus. Bonuses are listed on the monthly bonus program which return on a regular basis and you can benefit from different casino bonuses every week on weekends. Then there is also the special welcome bonus for new players that nowadays consists of different parts and where the first deposit is doubled to a certain maximum amount of bonus money.