Live baccarat

Slot Planet is well known among the players in the EU and that is not only due to the appealing name, but also to all the advantages that this casino has to offer. In the first place, there is already a huge online casino available, offering a variety of casino games. That is a first plus, but in addition there can also be gambled live. There are several gaming tables available in the live casino to make a choice and so it is possible to make a choice for playing live baccarat. This is less known compared to live roulette and live blackjack, but certainly worth a visit.

Fast and exciting card game

Live baccarat is a fast and exciting card game that is available in the Slot Planet live casino. The nice thing about this game is that no in-depth knowledge is needed, although it is of course necessary to know the basic rules of the game. The basic game rules can be understood very quickly, however, because it is only necessary to know what value cards have and what needs to be done to win the game. In this game there are punto and banco to bet on with in addition an option to gamble on draw.

It’s just about who gets 9 points or comes as close as possible. If punto gets 8 points and banco 7 points, then punto is the winner. If the player has bet money on punto then that means the game is won. There are a number of prescribed rules that have to be done if punto and banco have, for example, 2 and 3 points respectively. It is also certain that a value may not be ten. The value of a card can not therefore exceed 9 in practice.

The card game is popular due to the fast progress. Money can be won quickly, but there is also a risk that the money will of course be lost quickly. That also makes it so exciting and, moreover, it is a low-threshold game in the live casino. Everyone can join or first see how it goes to join and to place chips on the field of punto, banco or draw. It is also always possible to play the online version before playing live baccarat.

There you can as a player determine the pace and in the live casino it is of course the dealer who determines how fast it goes. There are standard guidelines for the time of betting, playing and re-betting. Anyone who has an account can visit the live casino in Slot Planet to go to the table of the game live baccarat. There is then the possibility to participate directly or first to follow a few remote games as a viewer.