Free Play

New players who sign up at Slot Planet will be awarded an amount of 10 euro to play money. That money can be used to meet different casino games in the online casino. It is of course also possible to spend all the money on one casino game, such as a slot machine and if it’s okay, it’s only taken. The free play money is initially intended to allow new players without having to pay their own money to meet with gambling for Slot Planet. Indeed, it’s different from playing completely free, where nothing can be won.

Sign up as a new player
The offer applies to anyone who has no account in Slot Planet or has previously had an account. It does not matter if there is also a player account at another online casino. This is how not only players who go online for the first time in their lives can benefit from it, but also players who have been playing this offer for a while at another online casino. It is also a no deposit bonus, which means that it is not expected that a deposit will be made first. That does not have to be considered for this offer.

The only condition that is imposed is that a player enrolls. That is the only one and therefore the condition is met and direct use can be made of 5 euro of real play money. In order for the money to be paid out, of course, the game conditions must be fulfilled, such as free play. This information can be found on the website of Slot Planet. Anyone who wants to make use of the offer can go directly to the site of this online casino to register.

Welcome Bidding
Of course it’s great that an account is opened and money is ready to go with you without having transferred money. It may be even more fun, because Slot Planet currently also offers the opportunity to benefit from 10 free spins for the Starburst slot machine in addition to the free play money. That means 10 euros free and 10 free spins before a player has made a deposit. In addition, this welcome bid is not yet complete, as players are waiting for a very pleasant surprise when a deposit is made.

If players have made a welcome bid after signing up and decide to transfer their money to play more and more in the online casino, a welcome bonus will be awarded. This means that the amount paid for doubling is eligible and a maximum of a maximum of 555 euros can be obtained. That’s all three good reasons to sign up for Slot Planet.