Help with gambling addiction

Most players who gamble in Slot Planet or another online casino do so in a sensible way without losing control over the expenses that are spent on it. However, there is also a group that loses itself in gambling and that can lead to far-reaching problems on a financial and relational level. It is always better to prevent than to cure, but at the moment that a problem situation occurs, you are advised to become aware of it and to take steps. This can vary from blocking the account to enabling professional help. Both for EU and Belgian players there are aid agencies that can be approached in case of problems with gambling.

First step

The first step to put an end to the problem situation with regard to gambling is awareness and recognition. It is fun for many people to take a gamble, but not when it becomes an obsession. It can happen that people who gamble more often at a given moment end up in a daze and that this intoxication can lead to the development of a gambling addiction. Where a player can stop gambling without gambling problems, a gambling addict will continue gambling. Even if there is talk of causing debts because money is needed for gambling, the gambling addiction can be maintained.

There are different types of treatment to suppress the gambling addiction, for example by following cognitive behavioral therapy or participating in the Minnesota treatment. Gambling addiction is recognizable by a number of symptoms. If you recognize the symptoms in yourself and you become aware of the problem with gambling, it is time to take the first step and get help. Nobody has to be ashamed to call on professional assistance. Your life only gets better if you choose to tackle gambling addiction and take the first step.

Symptoms of gambling addiction

A first symptom of gambling addiction is the need to start gambling more and more often. This symptom may be accompanied by play to larger amounts. Players who have a gambling addiction may find that at some point it is not even fun or gives pleasure to gamble, but a gambling addict can not stop. For example, gambling in an online casino can get a compulsive character.

Making excuses, lying or cheating and borrowing money from others can also be the symptoms of gambling addiction. Consequently, in addition to financial problems, problems always arise in the relationships with the environment. The negative feelings that go with this can also lead to gambling to forget the self-created problems. To get out of the downward spiral, contact can be made with a support agency. There is also a program for online self-help with gambling addiction available.