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Gaming in Slot Planet
In general, the choice for participating in online gambling is always your own responsibility. The Gambling Act provides that only gambling providers with a license may offer online gambling. If you visit Slot Planet through this website, you are in a foreign online gaming environment. Slot Planet has a license issued by the authorities from abroad. Many of the online casinos have a license in the UK, Malta or Curacao in the absence of a Belgian license. In these countries, a different law applies to online casino users.

When you participate in any form of online gambling you can make a profit. If this profit exceeds a limit of 449 euros, you must report to the Tax Office to pay gambling tax. The payroll tax is 29 percent and you bear the responsibility for making a declaration as the person receiving the win.

Non-licensed online casino casinos can not be checked for quality, honesty, security and reliability. As a licensed user of a casino website, you should be aware of it. Slotplanet Casino, as mentioned, is in possession of a license, and you can also refer to the website. When visiting sites of gambling providers, it is recommended that everyone and every visit be aware of the presence of a license and certificates. Through this website, everyone is given the opportunity to gamble at a reliable and honest online casino that has a license.

Information on this website
The information on this website relates to the possibilities offered by Slot Planet in the field of online gambling, providing general information, such as information about casino games and offers. This website offers the opportunity to visit Slotplanet Casino, including links or otherwise. However, we are not responsible for the content on others’ websites. There are ads available that, if you get information through this road, this information can be collected by the third party. Cookies can also be used.

As stated above, the content of other casino websites is not the responsibility of the owner of this website and therefore no liability can be accepted. It is possible that other terms and conditions apply to other casino websites. You can, of course, always check that information on the relevant websites and consult. As regards liability and damage or consequential damages, this website does not accept liability in any way whatsoever.

The information on this website is repeatedly compiled, but it is possible to avoid errors or incompleteness without deliberate and unexpected. We therefore do not guarantee that all information is flawless and up to date. You can not derive rights from the information on this website. Should you encounter information that is not complete, please contact us. We appreciate it if you inform us.

Addicted to gambling
Gambling in an online casino is relaxing, but it can also cause the necessary tension if problems arise. Gambling in an online casino can be problematic if you lose control, have no overview and spend more money than financially possible. In order to prevent problems in this area, we recommend setting a budget, gambling limits and keeping the inventory financially. In addition, we recommend to go into a depressed state or if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or drugs. When recognizing or recognizing problematic gambling behavior, you may want to enable professional help.