Join the 48 hour challenge

by Lucas on 12 april 2021

The 48 hour challenge starts on June 6 in slotplanet Casino and lasts for a total of 48 hours. This challenge relates to social media and all players with an account that take part have a chance of winning a unique prize. The person who knows how to complete the challenge is eligible to win tickets for the Switzerland vs. France game, which will be played as a group game during the European Football Championship. That is another unique experience to experience and is also free for those who win. An excellent reason to participate in this action if you at least love football and want to participate in an European Championship match.

48 hour social media challenge

The 48 hous social media challenge relates to the Facebook page of slotplanet Casino. As with the first two challenges, your friends play an important role in completing this assignment. You can also collaborate with your friends and let them know what great prize you can win, namely tickets for the game between Switzerland and France. The first step you have to take is to give the Facebook page a like and let your friends do the same. The next step is to find a special image.

If you want to know which image it is, you can find an example on the promotion page on the website of slotplanet Casino. The picture also contains the text ‘Refer and Tag, and go to Switzerland. France! ‘. Have you found the image, then you can tag your friends under the reactions of the picture and give a reaction with the reason why you want to go to this game of the European Championship in France with your friends.

Refer a friend

Another important point to remember is that you have invited all your friends to sign up via the refer-a-friend promotion of slotplanet Casino. Your friends can then open an account and of course also take part in this promotion to increase the chance of winning the prize. If you have not yet referred friends, you can already take part in the promotion and you still have the opportunity to refer your friends and have them open an account. You have 48 hours from 6 June to complete the assignment and who knows you will be the winner of this fantastic prize!

Incidentally, on the 8th of June the next promotion starts again and of course you can also participate. The price that is attached to this is very special. Keep an eye on the news about slotplanet Casino to qualify for the next great prize. The next promotion takes no less than three weeks, so you have enough time to participate in this fun challenge that awaits you.